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Whether you are planning to build a call center from the ground up or contemplating a total change of architecture in an existing call center, the task in itself is tremendous. This phase will generally determine whether your business will benefit from the end result or suffer from poor planning and implementation.
CALLTECH CONSULTANT will evaluate, plan and implement the strategies needed to complete a successful call center start-up operation. With our expertise, you can be certain that all aspects of a call center design will be carried out with flawless detail.
We realize that it is the overall process of your call center that is mission critical, not only the individual building blocks. It is our focus on properly integrating all the systems of your call center that will ensure the success of its final design. Some of these crucial components consist of IT application, telephony, database, sales department, customer service and administration.

Not only are we able to choose the proper facility catered to your company's budget but we can evaluate and negotiate real estate contracts on your behalf. Wherever you wish to have your call center situated in any city, our priority is to ensure that the location of your business is optimal.