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Whether your call center has five agents or five hundred agents on the phone, CALLTECH CONSULTANT can provide you with the right call center products. We offer the most innovative and robust software products available on the market that can be customized to your call center's needs. We are geared towards helping you run your business more efficiently and profitably by providing you with the latest in call center software, CTI systems and consulting services.
Our line of CRM, CTI, IVR and dialer software applications are guaranteed to dramatically increase your call center's bottom line productivity. Our products are dynamic for today's market place but are also ready for future markets since they are the latest innovation and upgradeable solutions in the industry.
One of the most powerful dialer software on the market today, the CALLTECH Power Dialer is easy to use and highly efficient. On top of being extremely affordable, our dialer software can be customized to any needs that you may have. Your call center agents can take and disposition calls, schedule call-backs, capture contact information and enter notes as well as update your databases.
Agent scripting
Agent scripting appears automatically based on the type of calls your agents makes. Comprehensive reports let you forecast sales, measure business activity and agent performance, evaluate sales and service success and identify trends, problems and opportunities. The supervisor or administrator can also view real-time information by an agent or by agent groups on his desktop. These include call statistics, percentage of dropped calls, percentage of connects and percentage of each dispositions.
Expect the best
Whatever your expectations are, CALLTECH CONSULTANT makes it our goal to satisfy all of your company's telecommunication and phone systems needs. We offer extremely competitive pricing on telephone systems, phone equipment, peripherals and accessories. New or refurbished, we have a phone system appropriate for your business, be it 5, 50 or 500 lines. Depending on your objectives, we can provide you with equipment from some of the biggest names on the market today.
Whats right for you
CALLTECH CONSULTANT will make sure that you have the right voice networking, data network, IP enabled and internet solutions for your business needs. We make it our priority to offer you the lowest prices for your local business lines, long distance rates and internet connections. Contact us today for a free quote with no obligations!